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Viscount organs

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 Are you attracting new people?  Do you want to enhance your service?  We can help.  Our vision is to create a better musical environment by providing organs at prices as many churches as possible will be able to afford whether it's $10,000 or $500,000.  

What makes a Viscount organ sound so exceptional?  Take a peek behind the scenes in our world of music.

The tones are then enriched with natural additions from the pipe organ such as the phenomenon that happens when too many keys are pressed at once (wind sag).  This creates a temporary shortage of wind pressure causing the tones to be lowered slightly.  One other effect which is meticulously simulated is the tremulant.

To reach the best possible sound you also need a carefully constructed configuration of speakers.  We spend a lot of time working out the number of channels, type of amplifiers, audio configuration and voicing.

The combination of original pipe organ sounds and exceptional technology is what gives our organs that world-famous Viscount sound.

If you are considering a new digital organ, pipe organ or hybrid for your church or home you owe it to yourselves to call or email us.  Kuyper's Music the Viscount organ representative for Iowa and Nebraska

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