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20 Reasons

20 Reasons to Buy a Johannus organ from Kuyper's Music in Iowa, Nebraska, Midwest

In Iowa, Nebraska, Midwest the following list demonstrates the many reasons why you should choose Johannus as your next digital organ, pipe organ or digital pipe organ.  To learn more about the right Johannus organ for you, contact us.

  1. Quality, durability and reliability are built into every Johannus organ. Johannus backs each organ with an extensive warranty. Parts are available for every church organ Johannus has ever built.
  2. Value! Johannus provides a fully loaded and complete specification at every price point. Even smaller instruments are complete with divided expression, Crescendo shoe, two tonal concepts, programmable pistons and so much more. Why limit yourself when you can purchase so much more in a Johannus instrument at every price point!
  3. More choices. Choose from hardwood consoles and even special woods and finishes. Mechanical moving or lighted draw knobs or tabs. Custom stops or custom specifications from the ground up. Whatever the need, Johannus has YOUR "affordable" solution.
  4. Johannus uses "Real Time" Sampling instead of "processing" sampled pipes. "Real Time" sampling captures the detail of each sampled (recorded) pipe. Johannus also samples pipe organ "Mixtures" individually, instead of all together. Johannus offers note-by-note sampling for the most detailed sound, capturing every harmonic and scaling detail of a real pipe organ. Sampling rate and bit resolution are two of the most important aspects required to accurately replicate pipe organ tone and harmonic detail. Johannus's instruments tonal accuracy is 256 times greater than compact disks! See how "Real Time" Sampling works.
  5. Johannus provides more pitch sources. The Johannus system allows each note or each digitally recalled pipe sample to be assigned an independent pitch source so that minute pitch variations and harmonics are properly replicated even at full organ! The alternative is to share pitch sources or actually drop out stops, notes or harmonic detail as you build up to full organ. Johannus retains the full harmonic and pitch detail that you would hear in an equivalent pipe organ.
  6. Johannus knows that a real pipe organ speaks into a room from many locations. This is why Johannus provides more channels of audio separation with many amplifiers and speaker systems. You'll experience the pipe organ warmth and ensemble as the sound embraces you from multiple locations. Just like a pipe organ, you'll hear different ranks of pipes speak from different areas, surrounding you with natural ambiance augmented by the advanced digital effects generations system of acoustic enhancement found on every Johannus organ.
  7. Johannus provides more DACs (Digital to Analog Converters). DACs change digital information (sampled sound data) back into the sound we hear (which is analog). Not only is it necessary to have high quality DACs, you need lots of them if you want the replication of pipe tone because each sampled pipe has its own harmonic structure and tonal qualities. Playing too many notes and stops with insufficient numbers of DACs results in distortion and lost harmonic detail of the original pipe sample. This is another reason Johannus organs retain their warmth and authenticity without distortion or alterations to the proper harmonic structure of the individual pipe samples no matter how many stops or notes you are playing.
  8. Note-by-Note and Stop-by-Stop voicing. With Johannus's special software and a laptop computer you can voice Johannus organs in a variety of ways.
  9. Johannus has more sampled organ pipes on file than anyone else; over 80,000 individual sampled organ pipes from many tonal concepts! That breaks down to 1,450 ranks of pipes, recorded (sampled) from famous organs around the world. Johannus samples real pipes on site, an advantage since the pipes are voiced for harmonic activity in relationship to sound projecting aspects, such as casework that captures, focuses and enhances pipe tonality. Nothing sounds worse than a pipe being blown in a soundproof chamber because the soundproofing material within the anechoic chamber soaks up the harmonic tones of the recorded pipe. Acoustics and pipes cannot be separated if you want to capture all of the harmonic and sound activity of each individual pipe that was part of the tonal concept of the original pipe builder! On site sampling is one of the reasons Johannus organs have a lifelike sound quality.
  10. Johannus church organs sold in America are built to meet the specifications of the American Guild of Organists. Tonal configurations are designed for American tonal tastes, such as Aeolian Skinner pipes for more Symphonic sound, but Johannus also provides a Baroque specification in the same organ for variety. Rather than a limited number of alternate voices, which is the norm, Johannus provides two complete organs in every standard model (excluding the AC-V). At the touch of a tab you can go from one set of sampled pipes to a very different set of samples. Each set of samples can be independently voiced via the Intonation Software. Johannus's Monarke instruments provide you the ability to choose a totally custom stop list and specification. Johannus can also customize or substitute the stops in our standard models if you prefer.
  11. Johannus is committed for the long haul. Johannus provide parts for every organ it has ever built. Johannus assures that its parts are affordable and easily obtained. With modular designs you won't have to spend a fortune on service. In the unlikely event of a problem, Johannus can express ship any part right from their factory if necessary.
  12. Dedicated and professional sales representatives at Johannus and Kuyper's Music will assist you at all phases of your search for the right instrument. You'll find our business ethics are based on a high level personal integrity that is reflected throughout the organization.
  13. Major advancements! New and powerful technology has revamped every Johannus model so that this year you have access to digital technology that was previously unattainable. Dramatic revisions and new specifications abound. It's a great time to consider a new Johannus organ. Hear what Johannus has to offer. A complete investigation into your choices will be richly rewarded with Johannus!
  14. Johannus is a financially stable and secure company, well capitalized and with no outstanding debt or loan activity, a rare achievement in the business world, yet indicative of our superior management and continuing worldwide sales growth and customer enthusiasm for Johannus instruments.
  15. Johannus has the greatest worldwide distribution of church organs. Johannus is the instrument of choice in over 80 countries. As further proof of its manufacturing diversity, Johannus provides organs designed for each specific market area and need. Approaching close to 100 individual specifications of design and tonality attests to Johannus's commitment as world leader in meeting product demand.
  16. Johannus church organ sales are growing at an annual rate of 15% to 20% worldwide and 100% in the U.S. and Canada each year since 1996! While the organ industry has had a decline in unit production, Johannus sales have exploded throughout the world. Clearly another reflection of the enthusiasm for Johannus instruments.
  17. Johannus has remained focused as an organ manufacturer rather than shifting interests and capital to other business ventures that could impact organ production and financial reserves.
  18. Johannus has an engineering team that is second to none. The results of their efforts and abilities have been dramatic, as shown with the emergence of the new organs this year. Johannus has 31 standard models available just for the U.S. market and a custom design department that can build YOUR CUSTOM specifications from the ground up. In fact, Johannus's custom Monarke line is often priced very close to standard models offered by its competitors!
  19. Johannus builds its organs in Holland, where quality is still mandatory. Where work ethics and personal dedication is still a part of everyday life. Johannus has a staff that knows the art of organ building, in a country that holds a high standard to music and the pipe organ. Johannus is second to none, with advanced new technology and a brand new 3-story factory and 'Feike Asma' concert hall.
  20. Johannus manufactures its own organs in a state of the art factory. This 3-story facility represents Johannus's commitment to the future of Johannus and our world market positioning. With advanced manufacturing technologies, computer assisted design elements, ongoing equipment investments, expanded research and development operations, and enhanced work environment, Johannus is poised for extensive market growth. Johannus is expanding in all areas of both digital and pipe organ manufacturing.

If you are considering a new digital organ, pipe organ or combination you owe it to yourselves to call or email us.  Kuyper's Music is the Johannus Organ Company's exclusive representative for Iowa and Nebraska.

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